About Kili Springs Camp

hospitality. Safari. Massai culture.   

At Kili Springs Camp, we are most passionate about offering excellent hospitality to you, taking you on safari, and sharing some of our Maasai culture with you.  Our tent-homes have full plumbing and hot showers to help you fully relax after a full day on safari.  We also provide full meal service both at camp and on safari.  Please enjoy these photos from Kili Springs Camp: 

We hope to see you soon! 

Kili Springs Camp is located in close driving distance to Amboseli, Kimana Sanctuary, and Tsavo - as well as Kilimanjaro for those wanting to base here before attempting the summit.  Lodging and meals are booked through our Airbnb page while safaris and event hosting are booked through our contact page. 

Our experience at Kili Springs Camp was better than we could have hoped for. Benjamin and his family eagerly provided for our every need with genuine concern affection. The accommodations were comfortable and the food was delicious. Benjamin is also an experienced wildlife guide resource for the community. This was a unique and wonderful place to stay that we highly recommend.
— Brad, Airbnb Review